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Buying a supplement has been a daunting process for me, since there are countless websites offering same products at different prices. Sometimes I would order a whey protein only to find out later that some other website had the same product on sale at a cheaper price. Being a student every dollar counts so I started to search for the same product at 10 different websites trying to save few dollars and soon enough I was spending too much time surfing different websites. 

Then in late 2017 I realised that we deserve something better, a simple and straight platform which aggregates data from all of the major New Zealand supplement websites at one place. Then FindPrice came into existence, you simply type in the  name of the gym supplement you are looking to buy and our website will show you all the current deals available.

Find the lowest prices of whey proteinpre-workoutcreatineglutamineBCAAs, amino acidsmass gainers and all other gym supplements from all of the major New Zealand supplement stores at one place.

We update our data every 24 hours to ensure that the data we show is accurate. If you have any feedback regarding our website please feel free to contact us via the contact us page or on any of our social media pages.

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